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Frequently asked questions

  • FAQ: Below are answers to a few of the questions we get asked. Let us know if we can be of more help.

    • Less than 30 minutes from Ottawa? Really?

      While some claim to have traveled from the Parliament Buildings (downtown Ottawa) to Kemptville in less than 45 minutes, it is safe to say that you can easily drive from the Queensway (Highway 417) to Kemptville on Highway 416 in under 30 minutes. And there’s no traffic.

    • What is the inventory of available land in North Grenville?

      There is currently approximately 150 acres of fully serviced, privately owned land ready for new commercial/industrial investment within the Kemptville urban area. While the Municipality does not own any land, it provides an inventory of private lands for sale on our website. Click here to find out more about each opportunity and all of the details for that particular property.

    • How does the price of land compare with other areas in the region?

      Land values for vacant, fully serviced, pre-zoned, commercial/industrial land ranges from $150,000 to $220,000 per acre – roughly 30% of the cost for similar lands within the City of Ottawa. Privately serviced lands are in the range of $75,000 to $100,000 per acre.

    • What are the commercial/industrial tax rates in comparison to other communities in the region?

      North Grenville has extremely competitive tax rates for commercial/industrial development. The linked charts demonstrate that we have the lowest rates compared to all other urban areas in the region.

      Commercial Tax Rate Comparison Chart

      Industrial Tax Rate Comparison Chart

    • How do North Grenville Development Charges compare to other communities in the region?

      North Grenville provides an exemption for Industrial Development and continues to very competitive with rates for non-industrial development, as seen in the Development Charges Comparison Chart

    • Do I have to pay a development charge?

      North Grenville Council has adopted a philosophy of “growth pays for growth”. All development that requires a building permit is subject to development charges under By-Law 55-09. There are exemptions for new development within the downtown commercial core of Kemptville, as well as for all industrial development and most public and institutional development. pdfClick here to download the Development Charge Q&A Fact Sheet

      NG Urban_Service_AreaNG Urban Service Area

      Click to Enlarge



    • How long is the development approval process?

      Depending on the nature of your development proposal, the approval period can be as short as 45 days for site plan approval on pre-zoned commercial/industrial lands. If there is a need for a rezoning the approval process is closer to 120 days. Because of North Grenville’s commitment to client services and our “Development Review Team”, we deal very effectively with those wishing to invest in our community.

    • What is the Development Review Team (DRT)?

      The Development Review Team (DRT) is a ‘Made-in-North-Grenville’ approach to managing the planning approval process. It brings together all parties who are involved in the review of planning applications, such as North Grenville Public Works, Planning, Economic Development, Recreation and Environmental Services, with planners from the United Counties and the local Conservation Authorities. Developers are welcome to come to a DRT to present ideas, concept plans, development proposals for preconsultation, plan review and general problem solving.

      The DRT is a significant element of North Grenville’s ‘investment ready’ strategy. Our clients find the DRT to be client friendly, resulting in timely and efficient decisions in a very cost effective manner. Because members of the DRT are all working with the same information, many of the uncertainties associated with development and which cause confusion and delays are avoided.

    • At what point do I pay for development charges?

      Development charges must be paid in full in money, provision of services as may be agreed upon, or by credit as granted in the Development Charges Act, 1997, prior to the issuance of the building permit.

    • What kind of services do these charges cover?

      Development charges help to fund growth-related infrastructure projects such as water and sewer service upgrades, road upgrades, fire and protection services, recreation upgrades and various administration studies. The projects ensure that you can depend on the same high quality of service as our community grows.

    • Are there services in place to support business once they start up in the community?

      North Grenville has a comprehensive Business Retention + Expansion (BR+E) program, to work directly with business through every phase of business development, connecting them to resources, information and funding programs that are valuable and relevant to that business.

      For more details about starting or running a business in North Grenville, visit: http://www.greenandgrowing.ca/business-resources-in-north-grenville/business-services-in-north-grenville


    • Does North Grenville have a Community Improvement Plan?

      North Grenville offers a very robust Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Financial Incentive Program for the area of Rideau-Sanders-Prescott in Downtown Kemptville. If you are looking to invest in residential or commercial property or new development in this area, find out how the CIP can assist. Click here to go to the CIP page


What Businesses Are Saying...

  • Westerra Homes

    Westerra Homes

    "By the end of 2015, we will have built and delivered our 100th new home in the region. Proximity to Ottawa, Growth and Lifestyle… all great reasons to check out North Grenville, the fastest growing community in Eastern Ontario."

    Robert Noseworthy, Owner
    Westerra Homes, Kemptville

  • Peacock Rug Care

    Peacock Rug Care

    "Purchasing in Kemptville offered us a much lower cost of operation and added a whole new market for us. We really enjoy working here, and feel it was a great decision to expand our business to Kemptville."

    Murray Peacock
    Peacock Rug Care

  • DFC Woodworks

    DFC Woodworks

    "North Grenville is a perfect match for us due to the proximity to our local, USA and international markets. We are now expanding our manufacturing facility. I would highly recommend companies looking at moving or expanding to locate here in Kemptville; a great place to work and live."

    Francois Bruneau, President
    DFC Woodworks Inc.

About North Grenville

North Grenville is located halfway between the Nation's Capital (Ottawa, Ontario) and the US border (Ogdensburg, NY), providing easy access to both Eastern Canada and US Markets.

  • Reliable and Expanding Infrastructure
  • Urban and Rural Lifestyle
  • Available & Affordable Property

Regional Benefits

  • 2 Million people within Eastern Ontario
  • Highly Educated Workforce
  • Diversified Commercial Sector
  • First-Class Medical Facilities
  • High-speed Communications Network
  • Regional transportation hub

Contact Us

  • Municipality of North Grenville
    285 County Road #44 PO Box 130
    Kemptville, K0G 1J0
  • Teri Devine, Economic Development Officer
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: 613-258-9569 Ext 115
    Fax: 613-258-9620
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