Monday, 04 November 2019 18:16

Business Profile: No Go Coffee Co.

No Go Coffee Co. began in a small rural kitchen, and eventually grew to require a roasting barn in North Grenville. Karin Rabuka’s dream to one day open a cafe, led her on a quest for knowledge of coffee and coffee roasting. No Go Coffee can be found at local grocery stores, farmers' markets, and events. Karin aims to be as eco-friendly as possible, using fair-trade, organic beans, and compostable bags.

By starting her own business, Karin is able to do something she loves while prioritizing what matters most to her—her family. The location she found in North Grenville is perfectly situated to allow her to separate her work from her family life, while still having easy access to the roastery. Her central location allows her to serve her buyers in both North Grenville and neighbouring Ottawa.

Check out No Go Coffee Co. on their website and Facebook page.