Friday, 13 December 2019 15:56

Expand County Road 43 Campaign

The last step in moving the County Road 43 Expansion project forward is getting federal funding approval. The Municipality of North Grenville has launched a campaign to get the project approved by the federal government.

This project is particularly important for our business and community leaders. County Road 43 is how they get their supplies, ship their products, get their staff to work, and bring customers to their doors. 

Frank Hoffman, owner of Canadian Tire Kemptville, says "It is imperative to all businesses in North Grenville to have Highway 43 expanded...As a local business owner and living in Kemptville for the past 12 years, I have seen this town grow to what it is now, however it can achieve even better results with this expansion."

Other community members located on County Road 43 struggle every day with the high traffic volumes. Sandra McNamara of Community Living North Grenville witnesses unsafe conditions regularly: "There is a recurring issue for westbound travellers turning  left into our parking area off CR 43. The regular traffic flow requires these vehicles to be stopped while waiting  for a break in traffic before crossing into our entrance. This process causes unsafe conditions as other vehicles try to avoid the delay and pass on the narrow right shoulder of the road. We have witnessed many vehicle accidents, and near misses, as a result." 

We've been talking to business and community leaders, hear their stories in the coming weeks. For more information, and to learn how you can show your support visit