Monday, 20 March 2017 20:56

BR+E Visiting Businesses in North Grenville

Beginning this week, 85 community businesses will be given the opportunity to voice their opinions about the local economy as the Municipality of North Grenville starts an economic development project, in cooperation with the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce and the Old Town Kemptville BIA.

The North Grenville Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) project kicks into full gear this week as trained volunteers meet with local businesses to identify their needs and concerns, ask their opinions about government, and determine in what ways the local business climate can be improved.

The visits we are doing with local businesses have four purposes,” said Matt Gilmer, the Municipality’s Economic Development Coordinator. “First we want to show our local businesses that we really appreciate the contributions they are making to our local community. Second, we want to see if they have any concerns, and, if so, if there are ways we can help. Third, we will be offering to help our local businesses take better advantage of business resources. Finally, we want the businesses to help us set priorities on future directions of local economic efforts.

The face-to-face interviews are essential to getting honest and fulsome feedback from our local business community. If your business is approached to participate in the interviews, please take advantage of the opportunity to provide input into the future of our economy,” said Kevin O’Dair, North Grenville’s BR+E Coordinator.

BR+E has been implemented in numerous rural and urban communities across Ontario. The results of BR+E projects, including the previous North Grenville BR+E in 2010, have been impressive: development of a more business-friendly attitude, new local investment, more jobs, fewer barriers to development and easier access to financing, to name a few.

For more information:
Kevin O’Dair, BR+E Coordinator
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Telephone: 613-258-9569 x 119