Permit Fees

Outdoor Solid Fuel Combustion Appliance
Circulation of proposed amendments $50.00
Planning Service Fees
Condominium* $2500 + $30/unit
Condominium Conversion* $2,500.00
Consent Review $350.00
Copy of Official Plan $50 + $9/map
Copy of Zoning By-Law $75.00 + $9.00/map
Drain Split Agreements $100.00
Drainage Agreements $600.00
Lift Part Lot Control $600.00
Lift 0.3 m Reserve Blocks and Transfer of all Other Subdivision Blocks/Lots$300.00
LLBO, MVDL & Other Compliance Letters $50.00
Minor Variance / Permission* $650.00
Official Plan Amendment* $2,500.00
Removal of Holding $1,000.00
Renewal of Part Lot Control $600.00
Site Plan (Major-greenfield)* $2,000.00
Site Plan (Minor)* $900.00
Site Plan - Schedule Amendment only $100.00
Subdivision* $3500 + $50 per lot/unit
Subdivision / Condo Amendments $1,500.00
Zoning By-Law Amendment (Major)* $2,000.00
Zoning By-Law Amendment (Minor)* $1,000.00
Zoning Compliance Letter $100.00
1. * indicates that separate engineering review fees shall also be charged.
2. All legal fees associated with processing any application shall be charged in addition to the application fee. It may be necessary to require a deposit to be filed with each application from which legal fees will be paid. This may require a separate administration fee (i.e. 10%) for managing the deposits.
3. The current subdivision administration fee (i.e. 3.5% of the estimated cost of the subdivision works) will still be assessed after the registration of the subdivision plan and agreement.
Construction, Renovation, Reconstruction & Additions
NOTE: Private garages and/or carports built at the time of original construction are included in the foregoing fees. Buildings moved in whole, in part, or dismantled and reassembled on a new location shall be charged for the permit fees in accordance with new construction. Nothing in this section shall or be construed to override the provisions of the Building Code Act in allowing the construction or reassemblance of old buildings.
Any non-structural repair valued at less than $3000 (permit required)No Charge
Minimum Fee (Construction valued under $3000) $25.00
Construction valued in excess of $3000 and up to and including $250,000$12/$1000 value
Construction valued in excess of $250,000 and up to and including $1,000,000$10/$1000 value
Construction valued in excess of $1,000,000 $9/$1000 value
Agricultural Buildings (including riding arenas and stables) - Permit required$3.25/$1000 value
Churches, Community Halls and Church Halls (Permit required) No Charge
Wood Stove Installations (Permit required) $25.00
At the sole discretion of the Chief Official, the building permit fee may be assessed on the following basis:
a. finished space $0.76/sq ft ($8.17/sq m)
b. unfinished space $0.38/sq ft ($4.09/sq m)
c. renovations ($0.38/sq ft ($4.09/sq m)
Public institutions (including hospitals, colleges or universities) (Permit required)$3.25/$1000 value
Re-inspection after 2nd repeat inspection of same works $200 paid prior to scheduling re- inspection
Scheduled inspection not ready for inspection upon attendance to site$100 paid prior to scheduling re-inspection
The permit will be subject to the additional inspection fee unless, in the opinion of the Chief Building Official, construction has been progressing in a normal fashion and/or the additional inspection fee is not warranted.
Miscellaneous Construction
Swimming Pool Permit (including pool enclosure) $45.00
Temporary Building Permits $15/month
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Systems (HVAC) $12/$1000 value
Retrofit of existing HVAC Systems - Minimum Permit Fee$30.00
Additional HVAC Fees
Ductwork (Installation & Modification) $10/$1000 value
Ground & Water Source Heat Pump Installations (Permit required) $30.00
Plumbing Permit $12/$1000 value
Minimum Permit Fee $30.00
Change of Use $30.00
Conditional Permit (Including Agreement) $110.00
Licence Application Review
LLBO $25.00
Special Occasion $25.00
Compliance Letter $25.00
Administrative Fee for Inspections After Two (2) Years $250.00
Heritage Designated Properties
1. The fees and required forms shall apply to all heritage designated buildings.
2.The provisions of the Ontario Heritage Act and Regulations shall apply to the issuance of any permit issued to or for a heritage designated building.
3. Heritage building are those designated by by-law under the provisions of the Ontario Heritage Act.
Transfer of Permit
To transfer any permit from one owner to another with the authority of the Chief Official $20.00
To examine revised plans once a permit has been issued $30.00
Occupancy of Building
Occupancy Permit (included in the initial price under New Construction) No Charge
To authorize occupancy of a building prior to completion $50.00
Non-Payment of Fees
As Per Section 7(8.1) of the Building Code Act 1992, as amended, and as per Section 398 of the Municipal Act, 200, 1 unpaid fees required by this by-law may be added to tax roll of the property for which a permit is issued. Unpaid fees added to tax roll
A refund of fees for a permit is authorized under the following circumstances at the discretion of the Chief Official:
a. if no work for which the permit was issued has commenced and the applicant or their agent provides a written statement that the work will not be commenced; and
b. the refund of a permit fee shall void and rescind the permit for which the refund fee is applied.
Waiving of Fees
1. Building permit fees shall not apply to the following:
a. building to be owned by the Municipality of North Grenville or the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville
b. projects which are located on property owned by the Municipality of North Grenville or the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville
2. The proponent is requi4red to cover all outside costs associated with plans examination or building inspection.
3. The value of the building permit fees waived is acknowledged as a Municipal financial contribution towards the building or project.
4. ln instances where a building permit fee was included in funding applications, it will be determined by staff and the proponent, on a case by case basis, how best to deal with the waived fee.